Execution and Bankruptcy Law

Collection of receivables of real and legal persons by execution both is an important matter and requires expertise and attention. To act with the experts is essential to not end up being wrong although being right and to protect the possessed rights. Çetin&Partners Law Office offers legal counselling and advocacy service in order to ensure the right holders obtain their receivables and other claims by execution and bankruptcy.

We, as Cetin&Partners Law Office, are carrying out the following activities in the field of EXECUTION AND BANKRUPTCY LAW;

  • To carry out execution proceedings with judgement, without judgement and other types of execution proceedings,
  • To follow the actions for annulment of objection, evacuation, suspension of execution, etc.,
  • To follow the proceedings for bills of exchange such as cheque, bill, etc. ,
  • To follow the actions arising from the execution law in Execution Courts and General Courts,
  • To follow all other cases and procedures in the field of Execution and Bankruptcy Law.