Criminal Law

Every individual may be the object of a penalty, the sanction which the state imposes based on laws, against every kind of activities damaging the individual and thereby the society, as a last resort. In the Criminal Law which imposes imprisonment, administrative fine and other secondary penalties and precautions, the intervention to be performed in the right place at the right time may prevent some irrevocable results. Especially, it is important to contact with the expert/s in their subjects with regard to the collection of evidences and duly submission of evidences.

We, as Çetin&Partners Law Office, are carrying out the following activities in the field of CRIMINAL LAW;

  • To prepare complaint petition and make an allegation,
  • To follow the stages of investigation and prosecution,
  • To resort to legal remedies for objection and appeal,
  • To be present during interrogation and prosecution as a defender,
  • To follow all other procedures regarding Criminal Law and Law on Criminal Procedure.