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Founding Partners


Phone: +90 212 539 29 13

Saint Benoit French High School (2005)

Kadir Has University Faculty Of Law (2009)

Almanya Saarland University Europa Institut Master Degree (2012)

Istanbul Bar

Foreign Language



  • Trade and Company Law
  • Healthcare Law
  • Labor and Social Security Law
  • Administrative and Taxation Law
  • Consumer Law
  • Law of Contracts
  • Law of Foreigners

Lawyer Hümeyra ÇETİN GÜNAYDIN has improved Çetin Law Firm which was established in 1975 by Lawyer Nevzat Çetin and worked it up into Çetin&Partners Law Firm as founding lawyer.

Likewise Att.Hümeyra ÇETİN GÜNAYDIN became competent in Trade and Company Law, Healthcare Law, Labor and Social Security Law, Administrative and Taxation Law, Consumer Law, Law of Contracts, Law of Foreigners and currently serves as legal adviser and manager in different corporations.


Cetin&Partners Law Firm is established under the leadership of Hümeyra ÇETİN GÜNAYDIN and provides legal consulting to national and foreign capital companies.

Cetin&Partners Law Firm, with the wide variety of experienced lawyers, practices in different areas of law especially in trade and company, healthcare, enforcement and bankruptcy.

Cetin&Partners Law Firm offers dynamic, fresh and solution-oriented service and currently renders its legal service to national and international companies, establishments as well as individuals.

Main Principles

Cetin&Partners Law Firm, despite the developing technology and the problems it creates, acknowledges that its prior concern is to maintain the confidentiality of their clients’ commercial and personal related information. Therefore the firm adopts superiority of law, secrecy, quality and experience as its main and foremost principles.

Cetin&Partners Law Firm’s essential goal is to succeed every legal dispute that has been encountered for the client’s best interest. Hence the team fulfills this duty by the guidance of a highly experienced and professionally competent lawyer Nevzat Cetin who is registered to Istanbul Bar since 1972.

Cetin&Partners Law Firm advises a large portfolio of clients, which is developing with each passing day, in different areas of law and is willing to share the experience with its upcoming clients.

Every case, enforcement proceeding or legal transaction which is pursued by Cetin&Partners Law Firm is documented, followed and reported in a legal software. Thus both Turkish and international up-to-date legislations can be found and benefit from as well as the Supreme Court verdicts. Cetin&Partners Law Firm is ready and willing to deliver solutions to every legal dispute with its fully equipped and well-informed team and to provide continuous service to you.